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Hi all,

After a long wait the new look site is now up and available for use.
The old site has been moved to an archive location and is locked for all eternity.

Please head over to the homepage

Please note I was unable to transfer the old user IDs and forum topics (hence the archive)
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New User registrations temporarily suspended


Following a spate of hacks that are getting through the current new user protection I have had to temporarily suspend the ability to create new users.
Hopefully this suspension will be short.

Apologies for the inconvenience

Site Renewal time - Wookie's hits 20!!!


Well when I sneaked my personal website into the back waters of the Sheffield Hallam website all those years ago I really didn't expect to be still maintaining it 20 years later!!! (Not still there before the jokers dive in!)

Living inside the Nexus

I've been sick this week.

No - don't say ahhhhh all at once!

Despite this I didn't have hallucinations down as a symptom. Yet on occasions this week I have had to double check.

You see the problem is I have for the first time started to understand our red cousins a little more than I would like to admit. In Star Trek: Generations they go in search of the 'Nexus'. No not the Google one (though I am ironically typing this on one)! Being inside the Nexus is described as living inside joy and if you should ever leave you would do anything, ANYTHING to get back there.

Half Time Report

Ok – I’m not going to go through the entire league but I thought I’d take a look at the runners and riders for the top 5 spots and how they are getting on relative to expectations.

Wise up Manuel - La Liga & the EPL are not the same

There has been understandably a lot of wailing and nashing of teeth from the press and City fans alike this week about City’s ‘poor’ start to the season and at the moment it seems the pessimists have the upper hand. I also have concerns about our current performances but can’t help thinking that a degree of naivety as well as poor fortune are a big cause of City’s problems on the pitch.

Thanks for nothing FIFA

…and now for the stupidest scheduled fixtures of the year.

The pre-season International Friendly’s.

Really! Someone at FIFA needs their head feeling. Can someone please tell me what any international manager can gain from in some cases trekking thousands of miles with half fit players to play meaningless fixtures in the lead up to the season?

Nope, thought you couldn’t. It serves no purpose what so ever!

The Age of the ‘Experience’

I'm getting old! “What you talkin’ ‘bout Willis?” I hear some (ok none) of you say. Well if you know what that means you’re old like me. If not you won’t get this rant at all.

So long Roberto... so who is next?

No smoke without fire... Pellegrini
66% (33 votes)
I reckon we might be sneaky and nick "The Special One"
14% (7 votes)
Wouldn't mind Rafa to be honest - European pedigree and knows the league (and loves beating the rags!)
10% (5 votes)
It's going to be someone else out of left field - a big old mess
4% (2 votes)
Can't think at the moment... Gutted just gutted
6% (3 votes)
Total votes: 50


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